Mid Suffolk District Council offers grants to home owners to help with the cost of repairs and improvements. A renovation grant of up to £20,000 may be available if extensive works are required and  a minor works grant of up to £3,000 to make a property weather tight or to carry out substantial repairs. These grants are means tested.

Safe and secure grants are available to home owners and tenants who are aged 60 or over or in receipt of a means tested benefit or disabled, to install a range of home security measures. 

Empty homes grants are available to landlords of long term empty properties in return for a commitment to let at an affordable rent for 5 years. 

Disabled facilities grants are available to home owners and tenants for essential adaptations if recommended by an Occupational Therapist from Social care. 

The council provides a community alarm service where an alarm may be operated 24 hours a day by pushing a button on the alarm or neck pendant. 

For further information contact Private Sector Housing on 01449 72471601449 724716 or see the Mid Suffolk web site here.